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Rory + Charlotte | Baker Beach Proposal | San Francisco Engagement Photographer

Rory and Charlotte were planning a trip to California from the UK, but what Charlotte didn’t know was that we had been planning Rory’s proposal to her for over two months! Rory knew he wanted to propose at a beach with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge so we discussed the best beach to shoot from and the logistics of the shoot. Armed with our cell phones for some sneaky texting and a photo of the couple, I arrived early and waited for them to arrive at Baker Beach. Charlotte was so caught up in the moment when Rory got down on one knee that she had no idea that their special moment was being captured for them to treasure for the rest of their lives. It was such an honor to be one of the two other people that knew what was going to happen (the other being Charlotte’s father)! Congratulations to you both, and don’t forget to come back for anniversary photos!

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While I was waiting for them to arrive, I adjusted my camera settings and captured some beautiful scenery and playful dogs!They finally arrived and I tried my best to pretend I was there to take photos of anything but them!They stopped for a moment to soak in the gorgeous view of the Golden Gate before Rory got down on one knee!Charlotte was crying for a while and it was endearing to see how amazing this moment was for them.They were just like models! Charlotte was wondering why Rory had asked her to dress nicely to “just go to the beach” but now she knew!



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