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Jake + Jen | San Francisco Embarcadero Wedding and Engagement Photographer

We had originally planned to shoot Jake and Jen’s engagement session at the beautiful Muir Beach, where Jake had proposed to Jen. Unfortunately due to the weather forecast predicting a 90% chance of rain that day, we looked into some other options. It broke my heart knowing that we couldn’t go back and revisit such a beautiful place that held such important memories for them.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we were unable to move the session and this would be the last day before their wedding that they would be available. We decided to meet in the city, brave whatever the weather would impose on us and make sure to get some great shots for them to share with friends and family. I came fully prepared to deal with the rain, and even get some nice shots in the rain. And it turns out that… it didn’t rain. AT ALL. How lucky were we?!

Jake and Jen love bowling and own their own gear so we also stopped by a bowling alley to capture their love of the game. Jake even had a Superman t-shirt on so we had him transform into his secret identity! They’re also big gamers, having made their super awesome save the date announcement with RPGMaker and even getting little competitive over a game of Pacman we found at the bowling alley!

Since they’re a long distance couple, they each have a stuffed animal that represents the other so they’re never alone. They named them Jake 2 and Jen 2! How cute is that? I had to get a picture of them together with their stuffed counterparts.

Here are some favorites from our time together, enjoy!

Their bowling balls say Heat and Freeze. Fire and ice, I love it!



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