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A Proposal – Catherine & Jack | Bitter + Sweet | Cupertino Wedding Photographer

Jack contacted me a few weeks ago announcing that he was planning to propose to Catherine! Since I’ve known them both since high school, I was very excited to capture this special day for them. Jack told me he had made a video for her to watch to lead up to his proposal. The video, as you’ll see below, is a heart-warming story of how everyone has a stuffed animal that matches up to a counterpart stuffed animal. Jack had been searching for his counterpart with no luck, until he … well, I’ll let you watch the video and find out for yourself!

Jack planned to propose at an intimate cafe called Bitter+Sweet in Cupertino so we went a few hours early to get set up with the help of his friends. The premise of the evening was that Bitter+Sweet was having their one year anniversary (actually this part is true!) and that there would be a discount if you brought a stuffed animal. Each of his friends was to bring a stuffed animal, which they would later try to match with Catherine’s bear that would be watching Jack’s video with her. Jack would come out and match their bears showing that they were truly made for each other!

Unfortunately the video cannot be embedded into this post, but if you’d like to see it, please click here.

Here are the stuffed animals Jack’s friends brought. I personally love the fat pig and the crocheted angry bird and octopus!Here are some of Jack’s friends preparing for the big moment!Jack excused himself to the bathroom (to hide) while Catherine was given a laptop to watch the video he made for her.Jack obviously wants to see what’s going on!Each of Jack’s friends hand Catherine a balloon and try to match their stuffed animal to hers.
After all his friends attempt to match their stuffed animal with Catherine’s bear, Jack comes out with his matching bear!Jack then takes Catherine aside and gets down on one knee for the big moment…She says yes! (After jokingly saying no first!)I love the big smile on Jack’s face!And of course calls need to be made announcing the recent engagement!Kisses all around!And more kisses!Any more balloons and he might float off…


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