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Angela and Andrew | Los Gatos Engagement Photographer

Andrew and Angela are good friends of mine and are incredibly passionate about their lives, their hobbies, and most importantly their shared love of food. Angela especially loves Fantasia milk tea, requesting it after nearly every meal I’ve ever had with them 😀  I love their energy and their incredibly stylish wardrobes!

We ended up buying too many milk teas and Angela had a hard time deciding which one she wanted first…

No need to fight over them!

Poor Andrew, I guess Angela gets to have milk tea whenever she wants!

These are the kinds of shots that you simply don’t rehearse, and really show off their personalities!

Again, another one of those magical moments where we’re having so much fun that we get to capture shots like this! They were walking down the path and suddenly, BAM, turned around with this!Loving how much fun this shoot was! So at the end, we decided to just tie Andrew up…… too bad we also forgot and left him there!


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