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Virginia and Mike – A Beautiful SFO Proposal | San Francisco Engagement Photographer

This proposal was amazing in so many ways! Mike had contacted me asking if I’d be able to help capture his proposal to Virginia at San Francisco Airport on the day that I would be heading to Vegas for a week at WPPI. Coincidentally, Virginia would be arriving in Terminal 2, the terminal for Virgin America flights, which was also the terminal I happened to be flying out of. My flight was at noon and Virginia was set to arrive at 10am. The timing couldn’t get any better! Better yet, Virginia actually arrived early so we got to spend more time around the SFO terminal.

We had arrived early with Virginia’s sister Vicki (who’s going to be her maid of honor), and our mutual friends Kevin and Heather (her matron of honor to be), whose wedding is where I had briefly met Mike and Virginia over a year ago. Mike had everything prepared, from the gorgeous Tiffany bag and box to beautiful flowers. This guy even told Virginia that they were going to a nice belated Valentine’s Day lunch to make sure she’d be ready for some photos right after the proposal. Virginia’s sister actually visited Virginia in Los Angeles and drove to San Francisco but tricked her into thinking she had to leave to help a friend of hers with some wedding planning. I don’t know if you can tell but I love how well planned and sneaky these guys are!


Since we didn’t get to chat prior to the proposal, I asked Virginia about the significance of Mike’s proposal at the airport. It was so beautifully written, I asked her if I could share it!

I have always been a hopeless romantic and so it couldn’t have been more perfect that Mike proposed to me on our Valentine’s day weekend! I headed up to SF for the long holiday weekend, and even though we had a packed schedule, I had a hunch Mike might propose. Afterall, we had done the ring shopping, Mike had met the parents and had “the talk,” and we had already begun planning our dream wedding for the fall of 2013…

Mike and I met in SF but we spent less than a year together before I moved to LA. Mike works in finance and works ungodly hours at a bank in San Francisco. I put braces on cute kids and straighten teeth at my orthodontic residency program in LA. Somehow over the past 2 years we’ve worked out our hectic schedules and try to see each other at least once a month. Long distance is definitely hard.. but even with the crazy commute times and the always too short weekends… it’s been worth every minute. So it was very fitting that Mike decided to propose at SFO. A place we both love and hate.. but will now always have a special place in our hearts.

We got there about 30 minutes early so there was a bit of waiting time…
And more waiting:)And just a bit more waiting…!Virginia finally walked out of the security area and met up with Mike while the ladies hid behind a wall ready to surprise her!
Finally, a moment to stare at her ring!And of course, time to call her parents and text and Facebook everybody.I love this shot of how Mike looks at Virginia while she’s on the phone with her parents announcing her engagement:)We also spent some time creating a save the date photo for them to use. Way to plan ahead guys!
And off they go! Congratulations Virginia and Mike!
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