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Melinda | San Jose Lifestyle Fashion Photographer

This post is long overdue, but since pet projects always take a backseat to client work, I haven’t had time to wrap up these photos until now! Back in September, Melinda was awesome enough to go with me to check out the San Jose City Hall and see what kind of interesting shots we could come up with there. We were there for the whole afternoon enjoying the stunning architecture and great weather!

Funny thing is, this is my favorite shot, and it wasn’t even at city hall! We had parked behind there on the street and this was the first building I saw. To get this shot, I literally had my face sideways on the pavement in the middle of the road (time to get a wider-angle lens I suppose) while watching out for cars passing by. It was a tough shot but I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning?

Even after the sun had set, I brought out my flashes and we found a row of tables with awesome umbrellas to light up!

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