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Jeannie and Henry | Oakland Wedding Photographer

Not long after Melinda’s photo shoot, her sister Jeannie was getting married! As the story goes, Jeannie had asked Henry what he was going to get her for their anniversary one week prior, and he thought for a moment and replied, “How about we get married?” Jeannie and Henry decided on a small civil ceremony for their anniversary, in downtown Oakland to be near Jeannie’s grandparents’ home. Being that they only had one week to get ready for a wedding, they rushed to notify their family and prepare for their big day. Despite keeping it simple, their special day was full of what any wedding should have – laughter, smiles, a few tears of joy, and family who loved them dearly.

Oh and did I mention that Melinda made Jeannie’s bouquet, as well as boutonnieres for ALL of the guests? That’s about 15 floral arrangements that needed to be done and she did it in one night!

Here’s Jeannie’s gorgeous bouquet.Melinda even included small messages on each of the flower arrangements.What I loved most about Jeannie and Henry were how relaxed and easy-going they were. They never hesitated to be goofy and just have a great time on their wedding day!Here’s Henry pretending to be stabbed by the pin while Jeannie helps him with his boutonniere!Jeannie and Melinda’s brother Johnie was the officiant for his sister’s wedding. He managed to get the paperwork through within the week so he could marry them!

Henry picked up some new kicks for his big day!Jeannie and Henry performed a traditional tea ceremony which pays respects to their elders (in exchange for red envelopes filled with money!).

Henry wanted to check out the gold bracelets Jeannie received. I love how lighthearted the ceremony was! I just had to include this shot. Henry’s dad wore sneakers with a dragon on the side! How cool is that?! I don’t even have shoes that cool.They had the ceremony right outside of Jeannie’s grandparents’ home!Melinda also came up with the idea for them to pour a unity drink as a fun unity sand-esque symbol of their marriage, complete with bride and groom decorations on the bottles.Jeannie didn’t have a ring for Henry at the time of their wedding, so she substituted a Hello Kitty and Kerroppi ring instead!

They had family sign their marriage certificate.
And then we took a trip to Oakland Chinatown for some photos! We picked up some Chinese bakery goods so they could walk around Chinatown with the pink box that all Chinese bakeries use.
While we took a break for me to look around the area, the happy couple relaxed and had some more fun:)Congratulations Jeannie and Henry!
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