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Denise and Alex’s Save the Date | Oakland Engagement Photographer

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to a wonderful new year!

If you saw two posts down, the photo posted was the location of the shoot we did for Denise and Alex’s save the date!

Denise and Alex had a request for me: To make a stop motion save-the-date video for them! This was something I have not attempted before, but it sounded like it would be a fun new challenge for me. We spent quite a bit of time over Google video chat discussing the concept of the idea, locations for the shoot, and planning for the props and outfits to be used. Denise and Alex decided that the video would show the story of how they met and got engaged. We ended up shooting the stop motion at Alex’s old elementary school!

You’ll see four different outfits throughout the video in this order:
1) When they first met – They were both in track and field but Denise didn’t think much of Alex yet!
2) When they were at separate colleges – Denise was an art student (look at what she creates in the video!) and Alex was having a good time 😉
3) When they met again in Hawaii! – They seemed to hit it off!
4) The present – Now they’re engaged!

If you want to hear the long version of their story (one story from each side!), visit their wedding page here.

I had so much fun with this project! I would love to do more of these as a creative and fun way for couples to announce their engagement! Feel free to watch the video fullscreen in HD!

Denise is Melinda’s cousin, so Melinda was at the shoot helping us all out! She did all the chalk writing on the floor for their save-the-date message! If it wasn’t for her, that process would have taken much longer since I’d be the one doing it!

A little behind-the-scenes and lessons learned for the curious:

This video, although only slightly over 2 minutes, took us over 4 hours to create! Even if we’re in California, it’s still fairly chilly in the winter, and we all had to endure a bit of the cold. Poor Denise and Alex decided on outfits that weren’t very warm! We had to improvise a bit on the spot due to how cold they got, so weather definitely plays a part in how much and how long we can shoot.

As we walked back from the shoot, we had to pass through this tunnel that looked like a giant rain gutter. Being inspired by a photo I saw from the amazing photographers at Lin & Jirsa, I asked Alex and Denise for a quick photo of them inside the tunnel!

Here’s what the tunnel looked like originally so you can try to recreate the scene too!


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