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Underworld Photoshoot | San Francisco Bay Area Cosplay Photographer

When I’m not shooting weddings, fashion or pets, I’m fortunate to have awesome projects that continue to challenge and push the limits of my photography. AJ was designing an Underworld death dealer costume, complete with bodysuit, corset embroidered just like the one Selene (Kate Beckinsale’s character) wears, and GUNS! I absolutely LOVE the Underworld series. Actually I love most vampire movies that are about expanding the mythology and showing awesome action sequences (action like shooting stuff – not sparkling action, though I won’t judge ;)).

If you guys follow my work, first off, thank you! You guys are awesome:)But you also know that I generally shoot bright and warm photos, not so much dark and cold ones. Where there’s light, magic can happen for photography. Where there’s no light, you gotta bring the magic! Luckily I had two great assistants, Marcus and Melinda, come out to help with the lighting. We shot in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco after dark (after awesome dinner and crepes in Japantown) and I feel the area really enhanced the atmosphere of the shoot.

I’m also testing out a new logo design I came up with lately, let me know what you think!

Check out AJ amazing costume designs here. 
You can also get a closer look at how much work went into the costume here.

Can’t wait for the next Underworld movie coming out January 2012!

This was my favorite shot of the night. AJ just has the badass look down here!

Wonder if anyone recognizes this shot – got the inspiration from another action movie, Kick-Ass.

I just loved the green contacts AJ had on! The vampires in Underworld had blue ones, but we decided to stick to the original color of her contacts.We moved from shooting in the streets to a nearby company between buildings. The lights not only provided some depth but some height as well!Another favorite! Love how her eye glowed and how she blended in with the darkness like a vampire should 😉This shot was meant to mimic the opening shot of the first Underworld movie, with Selene perched on a tower looking downward.
And this shot was done on the 3rd Street bridge that leads to AT&T park. 

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