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Look At Where We Are!

I was going to write up a blog post on my takeaways and thoughts from Steve Jobs’ famous interviews and his Stanford commencement speech to the class of 2005 (mine was so bad I think 99% of the graduating class stopped listening before halfway through – at least, I did), but it’s been a busy week of unfortunate events which has had me on the phone for most of the time dealing with some stuff.

This week was free electronics recycling week, and my dad had gone through a ton of our old electronics to toss out. If you know me, you know that I have a really hard time tossing anything out. For one reason or another, I get really attached to my belongings, especially childhood ones. I’ve always treated my things well, and they’re still in great condition because of that. But even I understand that nothing lasts forever, unless you want to be buried in a pile of your own stuff (or buy another house to store it all in!). Despite knowing this, I still had a hard time watching my dad comb through the closets and fill trash bags full of things that were essentially milestones of my life.

I got really sentimental about the things being tossed out so I figure I’d capture some photos to remember them by!

Remember the camcorder? This thing was absolutely amazing back in the day. Between this and the old-school manual-winding film camera, I was empowered to capture the world from my little kid perspective. You could even superimpose the outline of an image for the title of a video (such as writing “Happy Birthday!” on a piece of paper, or an outline of your face to look like a ghost). I was only a kid when my parents used this thing, but without this, I wouldn’t have any videos of my childhood. Absolutely amazing technology. It was way better than the VHS camcorders in my opinion, since those were HUGE (had to fit a VHS tape in after all). But there was something fun about watching a video tape rewind, and hearing that whirrrring sound as you waited to watch the beginning of your video. It was also a major pain the ass too though, which is why we now have instant playback, commercial-skip, and our Netflix instant queues 😉 Without these painful inefficient things, how would you know which direction to improve and innovate?

This was literally my first Sony! Wow, I feel old reminiscing about these things… this is totally what old people do.

I still remember trying to make my own mixtapes to listen to while traveling. I still have the tape of Michael Jackson’s “Jam” single and Snoop Dogg’s first album. Look how clunky this thing is! But hey, it has a radio built-in, which my iPhone doesn’t even have. Without having to put up with cassette tapes first, would people really have been challenged to invent the CD, the DVD, the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray?

And just one more photo… rechargeable batteries! These were the first set of rechargeables my dad bought. Do you even remember what size these are? Size C. Aside from a Maglite, I’m not even sure what requires size C batteries anymore (which are still being made, so *something* has gotta be using em… let me know in the comments!). Without these, the flashes I use to shoot weddings would be going through AA batteries like a chaingun goes through bullets, empty casings flying all over the place in slow motion.

And guess what can do ALL of the above nowadays?

Yup. This guy (or gal, if you include Siri). It shoots photos and HD video (4K video will be the equivalent of a retina display for TVs someday yay!), it plays music, it even makes you breakfast (Siri told me she’d get back to me on that)!20111016-014711.jpg

As technology gets more amazing and more people are empowered to create amazing content to share with people, photographers and other creatives will need to continue to innovate and amaze our audiences.

And the secret between you and me? I dug a few things back out of the trashbags… at least until next time we decide to clean out the house again 😉

What are things that were significant to you that have been lost to the advancements of technology? Come share in the comments below or on my Facebook page or Twitter!

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