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Brent and Seneca | Sacramento Wedding Photographer

When I met Brent and Seneca, they were so enthusiastic and were incredibly fun to hang out with. They were excited to be getting married, and they got me excited to have the honor of capturing their special day. When they told me that their number one priority was to make sure everyone would have fun, I knew this would be an amazing wedding! These photos were captured together with assistant photographer Hermes See.

I posted a short teaser a few months back, so go back and enjoy those photos again!

Please enjoy the slideshow of their wedding day! Look out for Brent breakdancing in their grand entrance to the reception!

Like I mentioned back in the teaser, these two have the best smiles ever!

Seneca’s wedding dress was absolutely stunning!

The weather was amazing but it was also incredibly hot! Guests even brought fans to stay cool.

Brent’s reaction to seeing Seneca for the first time was priceless. His overwhelming joy hit me hard and I was so happy for the two of them.

I love fun wedding couples that love to goof off. It’s a sign that they’ll have a ton of fun for the rest of their lives!Oh that veil. It must be SO heavy!

The venue and catering were done by the Bianchini and Caldwell families. I loved the design they came up with!

Did I mention that Brent is a ballroom dance instructor? This couple had an amazing first dance!

For the father-daughter dance, they had planned a surprise! They broke into a line dance and the groomsmen joined in!Then it was time for the bouquet toss and the garter toss!
Brent threw the garter so hard I thought he was going to fall over!Seneca managed to give Brent a handful of cake… to the face!Don’t worry, Brent managed to get some revenge in a classy way 😉

While they were enjoying one more dance together, their friends were outside decorating their newlywedmobile!

I love Mountain Dew also, but I’m not so sure that a can of it is safe there on the tailpipe!

And finally, a shot of their beautiful wedding rings.

Here’s one last photo of me with the beautiful couple! Congratulations again you two!

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