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Jameen’s Proposal | Auberge du Soleil | Napa Valley Engagement Photographer

Jameen had big plans for his proposal to Sonia and asked me to help capture the memories! He was taking her to Napa for the day for a romantic trip through wine country and was treating her to the Michelin-rated Auberge du Soleil restaurant for dinner. We had met earlier on to discuss how he would be proposing to make sure the night would go off without a hitch and to make sure I would be in a position to properly capture the moment.

I arrived early and started scouting for locations to shoot some engagement photos after the proposal. Auberge du Soleil has a very serene atmosphere to it, complete with simple details that showcase the calm and relaxing ambiance that patrons come to enjoy.

The view from the lower level was absolutely gorgeous!

Jameen had prepared a homemade video on his iPad to show Sonia featuring their friends. I didn’t watch the video, but I assume it was full of friends telling Sonia how awesome Jameen was 😉

Jameen had excused himself in order to let Sonia focus on watching the video. Luckily for me, Sonia had headphones on and was focused on the video, so I didn’t have to worry about her looking up wondering why there was a photographer camped out behind the windows!

Jameen came back once the video was done, ready to propose. He actually timed it with a stopwatch so he’d walk out just in time for the video to end, but unknown to us, Sonia had paused it for a few seconds before continuing! Poor Jameen had to stand there for those additional seconds waiting for her to finish the video. But once she finished, he popped the question, and this was the result!

After I gave them some time to themselves to gather their emotions and let everything sink in, we set out to get some shots with the beautiful scenery while the sun started to set.
What’s that? “Is that the moon?”, you ask? Why, yes it is! And it was amazing. 

Jameen made a joke about how we should use the iPad somehow so I decided it would be the perfect way to light up their faces in the dim lights surrounding the bar. They watched the video one more time together.

Congratulations Jameen and Sonia!

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