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My New ProPhoto Blog | Silicon Valley Photographer

As you can see, I’ve upgraded to using a ProPhoto template for this blog. For any of you that have used WordPress as your blogging backbone on a self-hosted site, it’s not easy to customize it to look as cool as some of the blogs out there on the web. I’ve tried some free templates before, and while they were nice, trying to change anything was a major pain in the you-know-what. I already knew about ProPhoto since so many great photographers that I follow use it, and I found that I kept going back to ProPhoto’s website to consider buying their template. Now that I’m using it, I’d have to say it was well worth the price! The number of customization features given to you in an easy-to-use layout that requires NO CODING is absolutely amazing. With this many options to customize my blog, I will be able to grow the look and feel of this blog to follow the growth of my photography business.

If you are a photographer that has been struggling to make a blog that is easy to set-up, looks professional, and also makes it easy to add photos to your blog posts (including slideshows), do yourself a favor and check it out! Here is my personal referral code that gives you $10 off a ProPhoto blog, so ProPhoto knows which of their fans are bringing even more fans to them! You can also use code: JKUO2284

If you have any questions at all about ProPhoto and how it can help boost your web presence, don’t hesitate to Contact Me by e-mail or through the Contact form above and say hi!


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